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The idea behind Leaf Café, was to provide an eatery with a difference. Our core focus is to provide mouthwatering meal creations that showcase just how delicious and satisfying plant based meals can be. We set out to challenge the status quo in that you do not need to eat animal products to have a good, tasty and satisfying meal. It was with this thinking that our journey began.

Over a number of months, we put ourselves to work on creating a plant based menu so unexpected and so delightful that it would inspire even the biggest skeptic. Of course, this is just the beginning of many good things still to come

Eat Better, Live Better WITH Chef ROBERT HOPE

Robert Hope is a Professional Chef who's harnessed his 20 years of experience to create the menu behind the trendy Leaf Café situated in Chartwell Drive, Umhlanga.
Robert has always had an interest in cooking from a young age, experimenting with dishes for his family. His travels abroad when he was younger led him to the UK where he got his first job at country style pub. Within 4 months he was running the kitchen, which is where he honed his skills. After 2 years he decided to make it official and studied a City and Guilds, qualifying with professional cookery diploma.

Upon completion Robert travelled to the Republic of Ireland to broaden his skills and worked at various restaurants in Dublin.
Returning to South African shores he partnered in one of the first ever leading professional healthy ready meal services where he went on to gain in-depth knowledge and experience in creating mouthwatering healthy meals that gained appraise and recognition all round. Robert's knowledge in the arena of healthy, fresh and seasonal foods has led him to put his knowledge and experience into creating and developing intriguing, indulgent plant based meals that completely beyond expectation.